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Having finished the training mode, your brain will surely want more, so the challenge mode's the next thing you'll have to try. The first thing you'll notice is that this game mode features a tougher teacher that will prompt you to answer questions from 38 countries. You'll first select Asia and answer calculation-based questions in Japan, passing to the lines, shapes and objects comparisons from China and then accessing the other countries. What can you get while playing this title? In most games, people do tasks to unlock certain items or events and Burnout Dominator is one of those too. What can a destructive driving simulator offer you as unlockables? Can it be weapons for God of War or the nude characters of Grand Theft Auto? It's none of those; instead, we get many cars and unlock new classes of vehicles. Boosting your speed is what you'll do 60% of the time in Burnout Dominator, because I really can't imagine a car doing 60 miles per hour smashing into another car that's going three times faster. There's a boost meter at the bottom of the screen drawn in the shape of an horizontal flame and as the time passes, the power builds up and you'll be able to get a huge speed burst that will allow you to destroy the other cars and chain lots of burnouts. What's the deal with Star Power? Well, there are a couple of on-screen indicators and this is one of them. There's a rock meter that shows how satisfied the crowd is with your performance and on the left side, you'll see a score meter, so aim for the best! Back to the Star Power meter, you should check out the scrolling notes to see that some of them are star-shaped. If you get a series of star-notes right, you'll make the crowd go wild and get lots of bonuses by holding the guitar up. After the show's over and you'll be sweatier than Ozzy after a pigeon-eating fest, you might want to check out your ratings. You'll get a grade, a number of stars (5 is the max), you'll also see how many points you got and the longest correct note streak. Also, the percentage of notes you got right in the whole song will be displayed. The fans of the series will have pleasant encounters with the superb creatures we used to summon in the other FF games, like Ifrit or Bahamut. I was surprised to see that the PSP supports such quality graphics, that Bahamut's special attacks will be displayed as cutscenes. Cutscenes during battles? That sure sounds next-gen and it's a feature that I'm sure we'll see more often in FF games, on the PS3. If you manage to lose the feeling that you're mashing buttons instead of using strategy and skills to fight, the combat sequences will become enjoyable, as they're fast paced and involve tons of good-looking attacks. Square-Enix's latest masterpiece has quite a bestiary and you'll fight many of the original FF VII monsters, like the Midgar wolves, a huge robotic spider and tons of critters I'm sure I've seen before. This is the second next-gen experience for the NBA 2K series and it's guaranteed to make you a fan of basketball if you weren't one already. 2K Sports made sure that we were informed about the technologies they used to create the latest NBA 2K game, so we've checked out a couple of "Making of" video to see what the fuss is all about. We were able to witness superb throws and dunks performed by MVP-s like Chris Paul from New Orleans Hornets, Rudy Gay from Memphis Grizzlies or Gerald Wallace from Charlotte Bobcats. I'm talking about the real players here, who were wearing motion capture devices in order to help the producers of the game include their cool tricks in NBA 2K8. Thanks to that fine little piece of technology we now have the best dunkin' contest ever waiting for us, when the game is launched of course. The crashes between cars and objects or cars and other cars are realistic and well done thanks to the pretty decent physics. The game won't have a problem with weights and distances either, as it was all very well taken care of. There are no brands on the car spoilers if you check them out, only very few of them take part in the whole advertising business. Call this game ad-free! The sense of speed is all there and buildings look quite good, not to mention those groovy colors. It all starts with the first FMV that takes the driver into a speed chase, plunging on the streets filled with gasoline smell and crawling with crazed drivers. You'll be able to race on beautifully designed tracks in their normal or reversed version and experience the blurring and shaking effects at high speeds especially with nitrous on. There's no wonder why the subtitle of this review is "Symphony of Destruction", as it's the name of Megadeth's song that was included in the game's soundtrack. FlatOut 2 relies heavily on the damage one can do to his and the other racers' cars. The AI isn't there just for kicks and especially in the derbies you'll be dead in no time if you're a sitting duck. I tried to use the good old "drive in reverse and spin" tactics that worked 10 years ago in the Destruction Derby titles, but the opponents sure know how to dodge a hit. Instead, you'll see various vehicles pilling and hitting a target, rolling some unfortunate car around till it catches fire. Once you destroy another dude's car you get the Satinder Sartaj Cheere Waleya Mp3 bonus, but considering that the game's pretty tough you'll see your car get wrecked the first couple of plays. Since the world in Bully is pretty vast, but still small when compared to GTA San Andreas, you'll feel the need to move around by using vehicles. The skateboard and bicycle will get you moving around pretty fast and you'll access all areas in no time. You can even do tricks with the bike or combos with the skateboard while escaping bullies. Scholastic activities never were my thing so I had fun while messing with the Bullworth football team and disturbing their gym class. That was easily done, by shooting them with my slingshot, from a tree nearby. Later on, I got a scope attached to that "weapon" and things got nasty for the students. You won't have guns or knives in the game, but you'll do pretty well with your fists or a baseball bat. Wrestling moves will help you win most of the combats you'll have to face. Even if I'm not a fan of this genre on the console, I think they should exist because it gives the players a chance to experiment beyond stupid arcade beat-em ups we see every day. Once in a while a great game comes to Playstation 2 or its counterparts and revolutionizes the gameplay of a certain aspect, like horror. In this case the only remark about its uniqueness is the presence of a serious physical engine but not as the ones developed for the PC. Playstation 2 is a console - excuse me, entertainment platform - that gets better with time, just like wine. The more time producers spend developing games for it, the better they figure out a way to maximize the graphical output. Probably, giving enough time, the titles will look and feel just like the PC; unfortunately at that time the PC would have aged as well. A new fighter will surely need a trademark entrance, in order to make a good impression on the public and you'll be able to create such pre-fight shows, toying with templates, motion scenes, fireworks, screen effects and the lighting. The game's customizability ends with the "Create a Championship" option which allows you to either create a tag or single event and even your own championship belt, with pattern and center plate included. Other than that, you will be able to change the gameplay experience moderately through the main menu's in-game options, messing with the momentum bar charge speed, the difficult, the HUD, the targeting indicators, the camera cuts and the stamina system. Don't forget to customize the AI settings, in order to setup the frequency of your enemies' special attacks and reversal rates. Some of the rooms in Castlevania have no monsters to trouble you, but beware, because traps can be more deadly than any other foe. Spikes, traps, invisible creatures that bite you, walls that crush you... no it's not Indiana Jones, but a regular "day at the office" for Leon. What would a vampire hunter be without some potions and serums to cure the bites and wounds? Use curing potion, uncure vials, serums, magical tickets, heart repairs and many other items that will help you replenish full health. The whip may be the default weapon and thereby infinite, but you can't say the same about the sub-weapon, as it's counted as hearts on the left side of the screen. During the game, you'll come across various pickups and you'll have to choose between sub-weapons, considering that you can't carry two at the same time. Visually, Tekken 5 is one of the best looking PlayStation 2 games around, the battles as beautiful to behold as they are intense, mostly due to the game's excellent animations. The characters move extremely fluidly, the motion captured animations top notch and as diverse as the characters themselves, and are meticulosly detailed and lifelike, as opposed to the plastic-looking characters found in Tekken 4. Many of the diverse richly detailed environments in which the battles take place showcase some beautiful art direction, be it a burning temple, an underground treasure cave or an enchanting moonlit field, and all of them are alive with background activity. Tekken 5 opens with a superb CG movie in classic Namco style, and there a some equally impressive cutscenes throughout the story mode to feast your eyes on. You'll be able to play the multiplayer mode through the ad-hoc option and one player will be the host and the other one will have to join in. The host sets up the customizable aspects in the game. One of the sub-modes is called Smuggler's Run and it's a one-on-one game that implies using Zeeo to collect pickups scattered throughout the level. Every item can be sold and the player with more cash at the end of the round wins. The game can also be turned into a deathmatch, because the host can add a time and kill limit to the game's options. Satinder Sartaj Cheere Waleya Mp3 out the Upgrade menu and don't forget to use the cash to purchase more abilities for your character. This mode is fun to play, but you'll get pretty bored of playing it one-on-one, mostly because of the endless corridors you'll have to run through and the bad controls. Let the sniper in you loose for a few moments while using the riffle with the scope on to take out enemies from the distance or break chains that hold the boxes you need. Change zoom, aim and fire! Some things never change, I'm talking about good things, don't worry. Every game of the series so far has featured herbs as the primary life healing item. Satinder Sartaj Cheere Waleya Mp3 are back with their combinations, so mix a green herb with a red one to get an item that heals you completely. If your injury is bad, you'll see Leon walking slower or holding his arm and dragging his feet. Set zombies on fire or be set on fire or blown away by an explosion, as there's some really great physics in Capcom's latest release. Shoot dynamite and it blows, shoot the enemy holding the dynamite and it blows, let him throw it ...guess what? It blows! We've barely just finished playing FIFA World Cup 2006 and enjoying the Italian fiesta after they won the World Cup and FIFA 07 is already here with candy for the hungr

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